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Israeli Self Defense Pistol - [ Level 1 ]


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Class Overview:

The Israeli Self Defense Pistol, known as our [Level 1] class, isn't just for the newbie. A training course for new, in-experienced shooters and even the advanced shooter.


Your class begins with an overview of the different types of handguns and ammo available and their differences. Next we will cover proper and safe handling, charging your pistol and dealing with malfunctions. After this we will jump right into the foundations of the "Israeli Combat Shooting" style.

Learn how to:

  • Identify your Target location

  • React towards your Target (front, side, behind you)

  • Have proper Stance

  • Learn to Draw, Charge and Properly Aim your weapon. 

  • Learn to properly identify gun malfunctions and how to deal with each type.

  • Learn to change magazines quickly and properly.


After a quick lunch you'll be ready for live-fire drills in which a instructor will be with you every step ensuring safety and proper form.

Instructors will take you as team through:

  • Shooting standing

  • Shooting kneeling

  • Shooting from your butt, back and side

  • Changing magazines while performing drills

  • Shooting while walking

  • And much much more.....


Our students range from the person who has never held a gun, to someone that has shooting experience, to the professionally well trained. Our technique is easy to learn, proven effective by the Israeli Defense Forces and will make you a better shooter. Students new to guns usually feel very comfortable around their weapons by the time they leave the class.


Our goal with this course is to teach our students to be comfortable, understand safely and be trained in the unfortunate event that they do have to pull or use their weapon. We believe that it is your responsibility to be trained to understand the law and how use to your weapon.

We can provide you with confidence and the training needed.


This course is a requirement to advance in our advanced Pistol and Rifle courses. All Students must learn the basic Israeli Shooting style required for all additional classes. 

Key Benefits:

  • "One-on-One" Instruction:

    • Students are paired with an instructor for the entire class and who will work with you to fine tune your movements for safe, proper and accurate engagement using your firearm.

  • Beyond "Concealed Carry" training:​

    • No matter if you carry concealed or not, many ranges do not allow you to practice real-world engagement scenarios. Our team will teach students how to respond to a threat and how to handle loved ones during such an event.

  • Proven Technique:

    • The Israeli model is a constantly evolving model that adapts to changes in the threat model. The Israeli's are masters in self-defense and anti-terrorism techniques, both with weapons and with hand-to-hand combat.

  • It's Easy!​

    • Our method is easy for anyone to learn and easy to remember... and that's the point, especially under pressure of a threat!


From the experienced, to the newbie, the young and the old; Our students leave this class feeling more confident in carrying their weapon and responding to a threat.

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Common Questions:

Question: Am I required to take Level 1 to proceed to higher levels if I'm already proficient in pistols ?
Usually the answer is yes. In our level 1 class we teach the Israeli fundamentals that are required and used in all other levels, including rifle. In addition, many of our students have not previously taken a self-defense weapons class such as ours and are normally surprised by what is taught in our level 1 course. Please contact us if you wish to discuss or gain approval.  

Question: What type of holster is allowed?

You may use an open carry, leg-rig or IWB (in the waist band) holster for your weapon. However we do not allow any chest-rigs or mounting of your weapons on your back due to the safety of others in the class. Your weapon must be secured in a proper holster, made for your weapon. 

Question: Can I use a revolver?

We do not recommend revolvers for self-defense and they will not be compatible with our class. You must have a striker fire weapon. We recommend a Glock or similar type pistol. 

Question: What is your age and physical ability requirements?

All legal adults are welcomed no matter age or ability. Every person has the right to learn self-defense and our instructors will adapt methods as required to ensure you have ability to learn how to defend yourself. Children as young as 12 are welcomed with a participating parent. Younger children please call us to discuss. 

Question: I have never shot a weapon or I'm scared to do so.

A large majority of our students are new to pistols or have never held one. Being scared of your weapon is ok and is usually due to lack of knowledge or caused by some type of trauma. Your weapon is a tool, and like other tools, if used improperly it can cause major harm or even death. Learning how your weapon works and how to handle it properly is the key to overcoming any nervousness.  Most new students are surprised by the end of their class on how confident they feel with their weapon.

With our classes each student is paired with an instructor for one-on-one instruction + guidance from a lead instructor overseeing every class. This allows us to ensure both safety and proper technique is achieved. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to call us.

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Israeli Self Defense Pistol   CCW  

Only $150.00

Course Length: 6-8 Hour / Full Day Course

Includes 1-on-1 instruction

Available Class Dates:




Class Date / Time

Class has additional options. Click for information. 

Note: New membership program opening in 2021



Class Requirements

No gun experienced is required.

  • Pistol   

  • 2 Magazines

  • 2 Magazines holsters

  • 200 Rounds of ammo for your pistol

  • A Belt  (required to secure your firearm)

  • Shooting Gloves
    Gloves are recommended, but must not impede your ability to operate the weapon (i.e. pull slide, pull trigger) 5.11 Tactical has a good selection of shooting gloves.

  • A Leg or Hip holster

  • One Knee Pad

  • Eye Protection   (Prescription or sunglasses are OK)

  • Ear protection   (Must be rated for gun fire)

  • A Packed Lunch

  • Plenty of water or other drinks

We also recommend that you have a hat and sunscreen to protect you from the sun. Winter months please dress in layers. You will warm up with our course and will need to shed layers.

What's Next?

Self Defense Courses:
Knife Training:
  • Level 1 - Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting  (C)
  • Level 2 - Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting  (C)

  • Health & Medical Courses:
    Survival Training:
  • Back-Country Survival Herbalist 101
  • Back-Country Survival Herbalist 102
  • Back-Country Survival Herbalist Night

  • Certified Medical Training:
  • Critical Trauma + First-Aid / CPR / AED  (C)
  • Tactical Operations Medical Specialist  (C)
  • Advanced Tactical Operations Medical Specialist  (C)

  • Certifed Professional Services:
    Business / Team / Place of Worship:
  • Active Shooter Course  (C)
  • VIP Bodyguard Course  (C)
  • Critical Trauma + First-Aid / CPR / AED  (C)
  • Tactical Operations Medical Specialist  (C)
  • Advanced Tactical Operations Medical Specialist  (C)

  • Law Enforcement / EMS / FIRE / Medical:
  • Defensive Tactics - (LEO/KMA Only)  (C)
  • Direct Assault Response Tactics - (EMS/FIRE)  (C)
  • EMT/AMET/Paramedic Refreshers  (C)

  •    (C) = Nationally Certified Course  

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