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Back-Country Survival Herbalist 201


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Herbal Remedies 201

Herbal Remedies 201 is a 2 day class where we will take a deeper look at several herbs, their chemical constituents, and how these chemicals change in potency as the seasons change. Becca will teach you how to pair the plant to the ailment presented to figure out which herb might be best in that situation. We will go over and discuss contraindications due to present medication being taken, age, method of administration, or health concerns. She will also go over and teach you how to use a percolation technique for a more potent tincture as well.


Day 1 is primarily classroom discussion due to the in depth nature of the medical and scientific topics, along with hands-on learning of how to percolate herbs.


Day 2 is learning differential diagnosis and charting, learning which method of administration is best, recommended dosing, proper storing for short term and long term. We will finish day 2 with a Nature Walk.

Back-Country Survival Herbalist 201

Only $200.00

2 Days Course - 8 hours each day

Available Class Dates:

Class Date:

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Class Requirements

Herbal Remedies 101 & 201

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Notebook and Pen

  • Two 4oz glass jars with tops

Surviving the Night

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Tent and sleeping equipment

  • Notebook and pen

  • 12' paracord

  • Knife

  • Flashlight

If you have any questions please contact us

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