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Active Shooter - Self Defense Course

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Active Shooter - Self Defense

Only $100.00

6 Hour / Full Day Course

Available Class Dates:

Class Date:

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Don't forget, we offer private course for groups!

Private Class / Wait List

"Armed or unarmed, you have options to provide life saving action and care..."

Confronting an armed active shooter is overwhelming already... but not having a plan and the training for response during and after an active shooter situation could be the different between life and death for those you care about...

Class Overview:

Our Krav Maga Active Shooter Training provides effective active shooter training and preparedness solutions for groups and organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries. Our Active Shooter program offers modern safety and active shooter preparedness solutions and Active Shooter Response Training which prepares people to respond with confidence during an active shooter situation.

Every person has a role:

Even if you can't subdue the shooter, "you" can still provide life saving care to those around you. Each of us have unique skills and natural responses. Learn what to do and test your natural responses and skills to identify how you can best help those around you.

In this class participants will be taught how and when to subdue the shooter. If you're a concealed carrier, should you engage?


Does the fight ended there?
In many situations those around you, including yourself, may have serious, life-threatening injuries. These injuries must be handled quickly and with the proper "Critical Trauma" care that you can learn in our Critical Trauma + First-Aid / CPR / AED (Certified) course.

Do you wait for First Responders to provide life saving care?

Law enforcement first responsibility is to secure the environment and EMT's will stage outside the perimeter until the environment is deemed secure... This means that life saving help may not come as quickly as you expect. Having the right equipment onsite and the training on that equipment may mean the difference between life and death. 

Key Benefits:

  • Proven and easy to learn Krav Maga techniques

  • Learn both an armed and unarmed response

  • Learn what to do when Law Enforcement enters

  • Concealed Carry response

  • Practices real-world live scenarios

Class Requirements

No experience required.

Please wear flexible and comfortable clothing:

  • Participants will be rolling on the ground during this class.

  • Participants must be in good healthy condition and will be role playing in self-defense moves and dis-arming techniques.

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