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Geared towards the individual, primary or sole protector in a group or family. Our individual self defense program provides you the training to act alone or take control of others who are not so well trained to ensure their safety.

In this program we recommend that you both take a defensive program such as our self defense pistol class, but also be prepared to provide life saving care in the event that someone near you gets hurt with our Critical Trauma Course.

As an additional option, individuals with families are encouraged to take our VIP/Bodyguard course. This course teaches you how to handle and protect a VIP client during a dangerous situation. How you define a VIP is up to you, and it may be defined as your spouse or your child.

Team Security Training:

Geared towards the individuals, parents or anyone who needs to work together as a team to protect and stop a threat. These programs are ideal for groups, businesses, churches,  synagogues and security teams. 

No matter if your organization is a team of two or a large group, having the proper training to identify, react and stop a threat, all while protecting unarmed civilians, can be a overwhelming task. Our program comes straight from and is proven by the Israeli Defense Forces as being easy to learn and very effective.

We encourage teams to be prepared beyond the initial threat and be trained to provide life saving care in the unfortunate event that someone in your team or a by-stander gets critically hurt during an event with our Critical Trauma Course. 

Security Teams who are protecting a building, children or place of worship are strongly encouraged to take our VIP/Bodyguard course. In this course teams are taught how to protect and escort their VIPs from danger. VIPs may be children, family, pastor/rabbi in your place of worship. 

Professional Training Services:

The best organizations require professionally trained personnel. Our professional services programs hold certification and are taught by some of the best in the industry.

If you're a current professional or someone who need to expand your certification our professional classes all come with nationally recognized certificates that can be used to start or expand your career.

Many of our professional certified course below include POST/CEUs hour for LEO/EMS/Fire for your required continued training.

Individual - Self Defense Training:

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Picking the right class is all about your intended use.

  • Are you an individual who wants to learn self defense or be better prepared? 

  • Are you a member of a team that needs to expand their training or work better together?

  • Or, Are you an existing professional or soon to be professional that needs certification or take your training to the next level?

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