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Close Quarters Battle (CQB)


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Class Overview:

The MASS Close Quarter Battle (MCQB) Method provides one basic, principle-based method
of searching and building entry suitable for a variety of situations up to and including
“High Threat” missions.  Our system evaluates the need for both cautious and
aggressive entry as needed still using a tactically superior position using behavior-
based methodology.

The same basic principles and techniques are used at varying speeds to deal with all
types of Close Quarter Battle situations: deliberate, dynamic, stealth, and hostage
rescue. MASS Close Quarter Battle (MCQB) is suitable for solo operators, clearing you
house with your spouse, and small teams to multi-team operations with foundational
techniques that span the capabilities of the entry-level law enforcement. 

MCQB gives personnel the skill and confidence needed to address the simplest or most
serious threats while maintaining superior survivability and operational flexibility leading
to decreased liability.  The behavior-based nature of the program means that personnel
are not required to abandon their common sense or intuitive survival sense, forcing
them to use a close-range “kill or be killed” tactic that is often provably abandoned upon
contact with a determined defender, or worse, forcing a shooting situation when none is
required.  This class is taught in a two day/evening format to teach low light clearing as
well. Class runs 12 noon till 5pm with a 3-hour break then reconvenes from 8pm till 1
am both days.

The course culminates in a series of interactive scenarios using training weapons against role
players. This course is interactive, making use of shot indicating laser training pistols and
training projectiles (airsoft) against real people, and does not include live weapons or
ammunition in the training.

Topics Covered:

  • Single and multiple room entry.

  • Hallway clearing procedures.

  • Footwork in Doorway

  • Assault planning.

  • Multiple teams/multiple breach points.

  • Sectorization.

  • Tactical angles.

  • Immediate threat techniques.

  • Fatal Funnel 

  • Occupancy Control

  • Room Familiarization of contents

  • Understanding Clearing Corners in corner fed rooms

Course will include both pistol and rifle techniques.

Taught by former and active duty S.W.A.T. Officers, Tactical Paramedics, Military, and Department of Defense contractors.

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Common Questions:

Question: Is there a discount for Law Enforcement, EMS and Medical Personnel?
Yes. Professionals in the fields of Law Enforcement, EMS, AEMT, Paramedics and other Medic fields may receive a discount to provide them extended training and to be able to renew licenses as required. Individual discounts and group discounts are available. Please call us at 720-464-7885 to get more information. 

Question: Why might I be subject to a weapon search?
Do to the extreme nature and force-on-force training, which means that you will be engaging instructors and other students in close-quarters battle, we do not allow you to carry any weapons during this course. This policy ensures that no real weapons are drawn due to muscle-memory or by accident. There is no exception to this policy. Students who do not agree to be searched or violate this policy may be asked to leave or subject to removal.

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Close Quarters Battle CQB

Only $75

Course Length: 8 Hours / 1 Full Day

Class Includes:

+ 8 Hours POST for LEO

+ Discounts available for LEO/EMS/Fire/Medical Personnel

Available Class Dates:




Class Date / Time

Class has additional options. Click for information. 

Note: New membership program opening in 2021



Class Requirements

This is a airsoft/simunitions course.
Students will be subjected to airsoft/simunitions fire.


Weapons are not allowed at this course.

If you are concealed carry, please download in your vehicle. Students are subject to weapon search before class begins. There is no exception to this policy. 

Training weapons (air-soft/simunitions) are provided for this course.

Minimum recommended equipment:​​

  • Eye protection (Required)

  • Face protection (Optional)

  • Medical Response Bag (Optional)

  • A Packed lunch

  • Plenty of water or other drinks

Dress Requirements:

  • Department Tactical Uniform or pants that support a tactical belt.

  • Tactical Belt (required to secure equipment)

  • Boots or hiking boots that support your ankles

We also recommend that you have a hat and sunscreen to protect you from the sun. Winter months please dress in layers. You will warm up with our course and will need to shed layers.

Warning: This course includes force-on-force training using Simunition and air-softs weapons.


If you have any questions please contact us

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  •    (C) = Nationally Certified Course  

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