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Please Note:

This class may be taken independently but is a required prerequisite to register for

Tactical Operations Medical Specialist [TOMS]

Class Overview:

The 2nd edition of NAEMT's Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) course teaches first responder practitioners such as LEO, Security, Fire, EMS and in some cases civilians how to
respond to and care for patients in a tactical environment.


Taught by former and active duty S.W.A.T. Officers, Tactical Paramedics, Military, and Department of Defense contractors.

The course presents the three phases of tactical care and integrates parallel EMS nomenclature:

  • Hot Zone/Direct Threat Care
    Rendered while under attack or in adverse conditions.

  • Warm Zone/Indirect Threat Care
    Rendered while the threat has been suppressed but may resurface at any point.

  • Cold Zone/Evacuation Care
    Rendered while the casualty is being evacuated from the incident site.

The 16-hour course includes all new patient simulations and covers the following topics:

  • Hemorrhage control including immediate action drills for tourniquet application throughout the course.

  • Complete coverage of the MARCH assessment.

  • Surgical airway control and needle decompression. (up to skill level)

  • Strategies for treating wounded responders in threatening environments.

  • Caring for pediatric patients.

  • Techniques for dragging and carrying victims to safety.

  • A final, mass-casualty/active shooter event simulation. Using high fidelity bleeding simulators.


Mid-America Safety Services NAEMT's TECC course is endorsed by the American College of
Surgeons Committee on Trauma, is consistent with the current guidelines established by
the Committee on TECC (Co-TECC), and meets all of the updated National Tactical Emergency
Medical Support Competency Domains
. This course is accredited by CAPCE for 16 hours of
continuing education credit, and recognized by NREMT.

Mid-America Safety Services and NAEMT is a recognized education partner of the Co-TECC.
The Co-TECC establishes guidelines for the provision of prehospital care to injured patients during a tactical incident. The Co-TECC neither creates curriculum for the prehospital provider, nor does it endorse the curriculum of other organizations.

Includes Certification:

-  Tactical Emergency Causality Care [TECC-NAEMT]

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

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Common Questions:

Question: Is there a discount for Law Enforcement, EMS and Medical Personnel?
Yes. Professionals in the fields of Law Enforcement, EMS, AEMT, Paramedics and other Medic fields may receive a discount to provide them extended training and to be able to renew licenses as required. Individual discounts and group discounts are available. Please call us at 720-464-7885 to get more information. 

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NAEMT - Tactical Emergency Casualty Care [TECC]



Available Class Dates:

Class Date / Time




Includes Certification:

-  Tactical Emergency Causality Care [NAEMT-TECC]

+ 16 Hours POST/CEUs for LEO/EMS/Fire/Medical*

+ Discounts available for LEO/EMS/Fire/Medical Personnel


Class has additional options. Click for information. 

Note: New membership program opening in 2021



Class Requirements

Weapons are not allowed to be loaded when entering class. You may not load your weapon until you are instructed. If you are carrying concealed, please download in your vehicle. 

Minimum recommended equipment:

  • Tactical Body Armor (Optional)

  • Helmet (Optional) (Example Helmet)

  • Eye protection (Optional)

  • Hydration system (Required)

  • Medical Response Bag (Optional)

  • A Packed lunch

  • Plenty of water or other drinks

Dress Requirements:

  • Department Tactical Uniform
    (If you are not with a department or your department does not have a tactical uniform, BDU style pants such as 5.11)

  • Boots or hiking boots that support your ankles

  • T-shirts

We also recommend that you have a hat and sunscreen to protect you from the sun. Winter months please dress in layers. You will warm up with our course and will need to shed layers.

Warning: this course is realistic and will have simulations that include simulated blood, smoke and other distraction devices. Graphic content will be presented during this course.

Warning: This course includes force-on-force training using Simunition and air-softs weapons.

If you have any questions please contact us

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   (C) = Nationally Certified Course  

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