Mid-America Safety Services

M.A.S.S  offers Self-Defense training for all ages.

Ladies F.I.R.S.T

Female, Incident, Response, Tactics

Every  two minutes a woman is sexually assaulted, One in four women will experience sexually assault.  Abductions and kidnapping are at a all time high!


This is not some fancy martial arts class, this is street survival fighting based in the Krav Maga system of fighting.

Students will learn to defend against:

  • Abductions
  • Ground Attacks
  • Chokes
  • Hair Grabs
  • Threats with Weapons

The lead instructor in this class is Becca Mc. She certified in several aspects of defensive tactics, including a level four Krav Maga participant. She says enjoys Krav Maga because you do not have to be the biggest, strongest, or the most in-shape person to learn and utilize it.  Krav Maga is simple to learn, no nonsense, hand to hand combat, and self defensive techniques.

She is a mother to three young daughters, aunt of 5 nephews and 1 niece. She also has three sisters and is married to Tony Mc.  She takes pride in her passion to not only protect and defend her family, but also teaching other to do the same.

This class is 8 hours and can be taught at any venue.

Contact her now to schedule a class.


D.A.R.T. 4 EMS

Direct Assault Response Tactics for EMS is a 8 or 16 hour class that focuses on teaching the First Responder what the law says about defending ones self when assaulted on the scene and the techniques to do so.

 The world of EMS is becoming more and more dangerous, we hear about EMTS and Paramedics assaulted everyday.  This class teaches you how to be prepared if this happens to you.  You will learn defending against hand to hand, defending from the ground, defending in the back of the ambulance.

This is taught over two days and is good for 16 hours continued education.

Contact Tony Mc for more info on this class.


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Becca Mc

Never a Victim. Always a Survivor.

"There was a time, I was considered a victim of a violent crime. But now, I am no longer a victim. I consider myself a fighting survivor. I have used my situation as a motivation to become a stronger and smarter woman. If I can help one person defend against an attack so they do not become a victim, then all my training was worth it."

Active Shooter Prepareness Training

The Active Shooter Prepareness Program was implemented in 2017 through the realization that encounters with a violent incident in the workplace, school facility, religious facility, or open venues were occurring at an increasingly alarming rate.  Through these incidents, leadership and facilities has evolved to new tactics and procedures on how to better mitigate these situations by implementing “Lockdown” procedures.  As we have evolved, so has the threat.  We can no longer rely on “Lockdown” alone, there is so much more that can be done.

With emphasis being placed on training and preparation for an Active Shooter Event (ASE), M.A.S.S. focused on developing an all-encompassing program that gives workplace management, school resource officers, school faculty, and religious leadership the tools necessary to increase their chances of survivability when such violent incident were to occur.

Active Shooter Training Philosophy:

To better address the evolution of tactics and procedures in an ASE, M.A.S.S. developed a program called BECON:

  • Barricade: Utilize whatever you have available within the room to construct an effective barricade.

  • Egress (Evacuate): Just like a standard fire drill, you get OUT of the building.

  • Control: If you are a Manager, Teacher, Supervisor be the “Leader”. Take charge of the situation.

  • Oppose: You may have to become the attacker to stop the Active Shooter from killing you or others.

  • Notify: Put out information as quickly as possible.

Through the implementation of a set of non-sequential strategies, we learn the differences between being proactive vs. passive, thus instilling that survival mindset, and gaining the much-needed confidence to make a decision and act upon on it.  We do this in a way that is practical, realistic, and applicable in its simplest form.  We provide a common sense response to a not so common sense situation.

Weapons Classes

Beyond Concealed Carry

This is NOT your AVERAGE Concealed Weapons License (CWL) class!

This is not your typical CWL “sit in a classroom & fire one round into a bullet trap” class. In this course  students will earn their certificate of training by demonstrating COMPETENCY with a firearm at a range. Students will fire multiple rounds and walk through different concealed carry scenarios. No need to be intimidated, this is a BEGINNER level course. All calibers are welcomed in this course, however .22  & 9mm are preferred.  

We offer both Mississippi and Tennessee classes for concealed carry.


Students provide their own ammo: 200rds  minimum.

Weapon System: serviceable and practical handgun

Concealable holster
2+ serviceable magazines
mag holder
Eye pro / Ear pro
Gun belt (to support equipment)
Cleaning kit
Weapons lube
Cover garment- (shirt, vest or jacket) We draw from concealment in this course

Private, and Group classes available. Contact us for details.

Israeli Combat Shooting

The Israeli tactical shooting method is based on actual and practical performance. As it been developed and upgraded over years of experience, the Israeli shooting method has distinct advantage that has been proving itself highly effectively time after time.
The guiding principle of the Israeli shooting method is to quickly neutralize the threat in the simplest and most instinctive way possible.

To achieve its high effectiveness, the Israeli tactical shooting method integrates aggressiveness, determination, speed and accuracy. Stress factor is also introduced into our training regimen in order to accustom trainees to the typical pressures associated with actual events. It has become the preferred choice of many professional agencies around the world, due to its simplicity, based on the instinctive reaction to stimulus which occurs under stress. Our courses of Instruction will take you step by step to achieve superior handgun and rifle skills for rapid reaction to fluid conditions. 

We are dedicated to presenting professional firearms training programs and tactical concepts that will prepare Law Enforcement officers, First responders, armed professionals and civilians to win deadly force confrontations by providing advanced Tactical Training and customized Anti-terrorism practical solutions.

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Armed EMS

More and more States are passing laws that will allow armed EMS providers.  Once again Mid-America is on the cutting edge of training, by developing a class to train EMS providers to professionally and efficiently carry, retain, and deploy their weapons.

This class will cover topics such as:


Fight or Flight


Weapon Systems


Weapon Retention

Shoot, Don't Shoot Situations

Range Time

Contact for more details